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Conference Awards

We are recognising the great work that HEBCoN members deliver again this year with our annual HEBCoN Awards. Have you achieved something that you are rightfully proud of, or do you think that another person or team in the sector deserves recognition for their work? If so, enter the 2024 HEBCoN Awards.

Applications will be judged by the HEBCoN Exec Team and winners will be announced during the HEBCoN 2024 Conference in Nottingham. There will be three awards in total; Contribution to sector/ and or wider community, Innovation/ and or breakthrough and Incident Response

Applications are open now. The closing date is Midday on Wednesday 7th February 2024.

Note: Any nominations outside these categories will not be considered.

Business Continuity Awards

You can nominate yourself, your team or someone with Higher Education BC who you think deserves the recognition into any of the three business continuity categories:

  • Incident Response
  • Innovation and/ or Breakthrough
  • Contribution to sector and/or wider community

Incident Response:

  • We invite you to share information on incidents which your institution has had to respond to this year; all welcome, major and smaller scale incidents
  • Looking for outline of incident, what the response entailed and lessons learned from the incident
  • The incident response doesn’t have to be perfect; we are interested in both good examples of incident management and also examples where improvements were identified and implemented. What plans were in place? What plans were developed as a result of the incident?

Innovation and/ or Breakthrough:

  • Have you had any ‘aha’ moments this year? For example, a new way of engaging colleagues on business continuity planning, new technology that you have developed/implemented or any other significant achievements?
  • Share your best practice and where you think you’ve gone above and beyond in relation to delivering business continuity management at your organisation
  • Looking for summary of achievement, what it entailed, and what outcome was. Examples of good practice and new approaches to business continuity management welcome.

Contribution to Sector and/ or Wider Community:

  • Have you supported organisations outside your own with anything relating to business continuity? For example, working with your local council, resilience partnership etc.
  • Did you have an idea for a HEBCoN webinar or regional meeting theme?
  • Are you part of another network where you have made contributions that link to business continuity management?
  • We are keen to hear about what you have done outside your organisation

To submit your nomination, please complete and submit the form below.