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Kenyon International Emergency Services

Kenyon International Emergency Services is a world leading disaster management company with over 100 years of experience responding to global disasters across many different industries. We provide our services all over the world but we have responded to many of the worst UK incidents from the past twenty years, including multiple terrorist incidents, train accidents, an evacuation centre, and the Grenfell Tower fire. Kenyon’s 2000+ responders allow us to scale our capability at a moment’s notice, and, under the guide of our first responders and operations management team, can manage any incident from end to end, or provide expert advice and support during a tough time.

Kenyon has supported HEBCoN Universities for many years, offering the use of its call centre to assist in the initial surge of phone calls following an incident. This is the first interaction families have with the University following an incident on a campus, and will immediately colour the family’s experience of the response, which is why Kenyon uses highly trained staff to handle these important phone calls.

Kenyon’s other services provide direct help and support with the practical matters of the incident itself, used particularly in mass fatality or loss of life situations. Their teams are able to help with search and recovery of remains and personal effects, set up temporary body storage and mortuary facilities, provide disaster victim identification to Interpol standards and deliver extensive family assistance to family and friends of those affected, including professional mental health support.

Kenyon’s Crisis Communications service helps to ensure a consistent message is conveyed to the press through all the University’s media channels, and will gather intelligence from news outlets to identify trends in topics in order to control coverage. Kenyon’s communications consultants will assist the University’s media team with drafting press releases and social media posts, while preparing spokespeople for press conferences and interviews, offering advice on tone, content, and timing.

Kenyon’s services are activated immediately by a phone call to their emergency operations centre, and staff mobilise immediately to move personnel and resources to the incident site. Kenyon’s crisis management centre (CMC) team and senior operations managers will remain in contact with your own CMC until their teams arrive to your site to set up the incident management centre (IMC).

Services that HEBCoN’s members can benefit from include:

– An immediately activated 24/7 multilingual toll-free call centre and information line.
– Establishment of a Student and Family Assistance Centre.
– Victim search, recovery, and identification services.
– Respectful repatriation of victims and their personal property.
– Rapid deployment of an expert Incident Manager and First Response Team.
– Executive-level crisis communications and support to investigations.
– The support and strategic guidance of our highly experienced full-time crisis team, as well as additional assistance and equipment from our thousands-strong global network of specialists and our fully stocked warehouses.
– Pre-incident training includes reviewing and generating emergency plans, facilitating disaster drills and exercises, preparing response teams for immediate action, and providing live-camera spokesperson training for your leadership team.

Aside from our operational response services, Kenyon’s training arm offers a range of training courses for responders and emergency departments, as well as extensive emergency response consultancy, and exercises, where we can evaluate or write a new emergency response plan and provide a fully bespoke exercise to test its effectiveness. We have also recently opened our new Kenyon Academy, where individuals are able to book spaces on pre-scheduled training courses, in our Bracknell office or virtually, and benefit from world class training and knowledge-sharing with peers from different industries.